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Solar PV Installer Job Description:


G6 Builders is looking to hire entry level and skilled solar electrical system installers. Ideal candidates are motivated team players with a strong work ethic and a desire to learn and master all aspects of installing PV solar systems. 

Primary responsibilities to preform project installations include: 

  • Mechanical/structural mounting of racking, modules and electrical equipment 

  • Assembly of mounting hardware 

  • Attic work in homes and businesses to verify structural attachment 

  • Working on residential and commercial roof tops as well as installing ground- 

  • mounted systems 

  • Pulling inventory for specific projects 

  • Following layout of solar modules 

  • Attend mandatory training sessions on new products, methodology and safety 

  • Perform PV system service as required 

  • Knowledge and skill requirements include: 

  • H.S. Diploma, two-year degree in technology/industrial arts preferred 

  • 1-2 years of construction background is preferred 

  • Valid driver’s license 

  • Experience in mechanical installations, general construction and ladder work 

  • Experience with all types of hand-held and power tools 

  • Basic understanding/experience with electrical wiring of AC and DC systems is preferred 

  • Experience working with all types of building materials - various roof types: stucco, wood, concrete, Uni-strut, etc. preferred 

  • Team player who listens, learns, and actively communicates 

  • Visual thinker good at problem solving and implementing ideas 

  • Desire to learn and master all aspects of installing solar PV systems! 

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