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Lead Carpenter Job Description:



1. Perform carpentry at the highest level as required.

2. Supervise laborers, apprentice carpenters, carpenters and subcontractors. Make work assignments, monitor quality, and motivate crew. Must have respect of the work crew.

3. Expedite timely completion of the work to maintain schedule and budget goals.

4. Ensure job safety, protection and maintenance of company tools, and enforce all job site rules.

5. Maintain regular client contact for duration of projects and assist with requested cost updates.

6. Train carpenters and apprentice carpenters.


Position requirements:

1. Minimum 5 years carpentry experience.

2. Good communication, job coordination, and supervisory skills.

3. Extensive rough and finish carpentry skills including roof cut-ins, and superior knowledge of construction methods and techniques.

4. Must have good working knowledge of related building trades.

5. The ability to interact and communicate well with your crew, subcontractors, and the client.

6. Teaching skills.

7. Reliable work vehicle and a good driving record.

8. Ability to perform physically demanding work on a consistent basis, including lifting 80 pounds.

9. Must have basic hand and power tools.



Position responsibilities:


1. Read and interpret paperwork, including all plans and specifications, purchase orders, and subcontractor work orders. Bring questions, discrepancies, and unusual conditions to the attention of the Production Manager via verbal and written reports.

2. Understand the scope of the work and discuss all requests for additional work with the Production Manager.

3. Participate in a pre-construction conference and job site inspections.

4. Maintain an organized field file and rolling punch list.

5. Request help as required, anticipating the need for additional carpenters so that they can be scheduled in a timely fashion.

6. Responsible for reporting late subcontractors, discipline problems, problems with schedules, and for keeping the Production Manager informed of job status.

7. Order materials and coordinate subcontractors. You must plan ahead for timely material delivery and subcontractor start dates.

8. Responsible for end of day procedures, such as clean up, weather protection and security. Must notify clients in advance of utility service interruption.

9. Provide job safety for clients, Plumb employees and subcontractors. Inspect all equipment for proper safety features and correct any unsafe conditions.

10. Follow all Plumb quality control checklists.

11. Maintain discipline of employees and subcontractors on the job.

12. Respect the work of the contractors who came before you, and do your job in such a way that your work will help and not impede the contractors who follow you.

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